Bacchanal on the Comal!

Friday, May 27, 2005

Dash Rips One For the Bacchanal on the Comal!

With apologies to El Capitan for the title, I asked Dash Riprock to do some advance recon for the shooters. Herewith is his report.

Dietz Gun Range. (830) 885-4662. It's just a small, country, outdoor firing range about 10 minutes from downtown Brew Naunfels. It's at 421 Range Rd., off Hwy. 46 West. If you get on Walnut and travel west, you'll turn left after about 7 or 8 miles. (Dietz also has a regular gun shop in town that I'm sure will be closed on Sunday. It's on Walnut, too.)

The cost is $9.00 per person and that includes two targets. You can buy extras for a few cents each. They open at 10 AM every day. There is a pistol range on one side and a rifle range on the other. I've been out there a couple of times and it's okay, but nothing fancy like an indoor range. They do sell some ammo out there if anyone runs out.

I talked to the guy on the phone last week and told him we might have anywhere from 3 to 15 people interested in coming out that Sunday to shoot. He said "come on." As hot as it will be, I doubt it will be very crowded on a Sunday morning.

WooT, and thank ye verily, Dash!


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